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because there were some questions to conferences and sources for
information, I hereby send some sources which were very helpfull in my
researches. I hope they are correct. If important sources are missing,
please feel free to add.

        Martin Geiger

* Sources for Rapid Prototyping *

Useful tools to obtain further informations are books, World Wide Web and
international events on Rapid Prototyping. Proceedings of the following events
are good but time consuming sources. They give an excellent overview on
activities going on in research institutes and in industry. A very fast and
cheap way is the use of the Internet. Additional, there are some books listed
which give a good overview on Rapid Prototyping.

**** International events ****

International Conference on Rapid Prototyping
Contact: Theresa Bohlander, Program Administrator, Management Development
Center, University of Dayton, 20 Anderson Hall, 300 College Park, Dayton , Ohio
45469, USA

Asia/Pasific Conference on Rapid Product Development
Contact: Maria Richmond, Conference Officer, Queensland Manufacturing
Institute, P.O. Box 4012, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland, 4113 Australia

Rapid Prototyping in Medicine and Computer Assisted Surgery
Contact: Prof. Willi Kalendar, University of Erlangen-N/ue/rnberg, Institute
for Medical Physics, Krankenhausstrasse 12, D-91954 Erlangen, Germany

Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) Symposium
Contact: Harris L. Marcus, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of
Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas 87712-1063, USA

European Conference on Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Contact: Donna Borrill, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Operations
Management, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD,

International Conference on Rapid Product Development
Contact: Dr. Wilhelm Steger, Fraunhofer-Institut f/ue/r Produktionstechnik und
Automatisierung (IPA), Nobelstrasse 12, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping and Applications in Manufacturing and
SME Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Contact: Lorie Hastie, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, One SME Drive, P.O.
Box 930, Dearborn, Michigan 48121-0930, USA

Rapid Prototyping in Medicine
Contact: Roger Hirons, Center for Continuing Education, College of Engineering
and Applied Science, University of Wisconsin, 929 North Sixth Street,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203, USA

Contact: DANSEI International, Inc., Fukide Building, Number 2, 4-1-21
Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105, Japan

Scandinavian Rapid Prototyping Conference
Contact: Erika Jablanovec, IVF, Argongatan 30, S-431 53 Molndal, Schweden

**** World Wide Web ****

The World-Wide Web (WWW) is an international network of computers based on the
Internet. In the past the Internet was mainly used by scientists, but recently
more and more companies have access to WWW. A great number of universities are
connected by this network. It contains an increasing number of documents on
Rapid Prototyping. The different documents are often linked by hypertext. This
allows to find easily documents without knowing the exact address of the host.
It is only necessary to know a few hosts and an endless research can be started
by only clicking on highlighted words or phrases. The system links itself to
the special host address, where the linked document is stored. It is only
necessary to wait some minutes if the linked host is on the other side of the
world. If there is no direct access to WWW, different companies offer services,
however not for free. Some important addresses at universities are. - Clemson University Product
Realization Laboratory - Cranfield University - University of Texas at Austin - Massachusetts Institute
of Technology - University of Dayton - Carnegie Mellon
University - Alberta Research Council - Helsinki University of Technology - Swedish Institute of
Production Engineering Research

**** Books ****

Automated Fabrication - Improving Productivity in Manufacturing, Marshall
Burns, Ennex Fabrication Technologies, PTR Rentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New
Jersey 07632, 1993, ISBN 0-13-119462-3

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing - Fundamentals of Stereolithography, Paul
Jacobs, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Dearborn, Michigan, 1992

Layer Manufacturing - A Challenge of the Future, The final report from the
NOR-SLA project, 1992, Trondheim - Norway, ISBN 82-519-1125-7

Software Tools for Rapid Prototyping Technologies in Manufacturing, Andr<#e9>
Dolenc, Acta Polytechnica Scandinavica, Mathematics and Computer Science Series
No. 62, Helsinki, 1993, ISBN 951-666-393-1

Solid Freeform Manufacturing, Kochan, D., Elsevier Science Publisher e.V., 1993
ISBN: 0 444 89652 X

Rapid Prototyping Systems: Fast Track to Product Realization, Customer Service
Department, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, One SME Drive, P.O. Box 6028,
Dearborn, Michigan 48121

Principles of Computer Automated Fabrication, Jerome L. Johnson, Palatino
Press, Inc. 1994, ISBN: 0-9618005-3-4

Rapid Prototyping magazines

Rapid Prototyping Report, CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc. 1010 Turquoise Street,
Suite 320, San Diego, California, 92109-1159, USA

Rapid Prototyping Journal, MCB University Press Limited, 60/62 Toller Lane,
Bradford, West Yorkshire, England BD8 9BY

EARP-Newsletter, European Action on Rapid Prototyping, Bent Mieritz, Danish
Technological Institute, Teknologiparken, 8000 Aarhus C, Aarhus, Denmark

Rapid News, c/o EPC, 46 Watergate Street, Chester, CH1 2LA, United Kingdom

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