SLA500/40 / zephr recoater

From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 23:26:29 EEST

To all SLA500 Users: We, Eagle Design, have upgraded from the 500/30 to
the 500/40. ( We were the first to do so by 3d's account--so we became
alpha fodder.) The upgrade took 3 days because of an incomplete parts kit
and, later, a hardware conflict between a controller chip and version 1.8
build station software. Normally, the upgrade could be completed in one
day. Also, the pentium computers with the NT software are not being
shipped with the upgrades at this time.

The Zephr is a major improvement. By eliminating the Z Dip, Z Level Wait
, and by reducing the Pre Dip Delay you are able to cut at least 30
seconds off each layer. We have built several trapped volume parts with
no problems whatsoever. And the Zephr has the added benefit of "sucking"
any air bubbles that may be in the vat up into the blade and away from
the part yeilding a bubble free part!

To the users: Do the upgrade if possible.
To 3D: Thank you! Great Enhancement!!

Please note NEW server / mail address:
                 anonymous login
                 email address as password
                 /public subdirectory (write only)
All SLA Users: We will gladly quote your 500 work.

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