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From: Solid Concepts (solidcon@vianet.net.au)
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 11:09:18 EEST

Hi Alastair

We have been using CATIA for the past 4 years to generate STL files for our
SLA250. The STL convertor we have is not a Dassault Systemes product but
rather an IBM product. It is excellent!!

The product is STP22 ( Solids to Prototype V2R2 ) and it runs under AIX or
MVS/ESA. It will only convert solids and volumes, not surfaces. I believe
that Dassault have designed an STL convertor for CATIA that converts solids,
volumes, faces and surfaces.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you need anymore info.

Kind regards

Daniel Corcoran
Product Designer

        140 Royal Street
        EAST PERTH

>Hi everyone,
>Just a few questions about creating .STL files with Catia.
>Q.Is a special product required to convert a Catia model to this
>format, or is this functionality built in to the base system?
>Q.What type of geometry is required to generate a .STL model - is a
>volume sufficient or are solids required?
>Any comments on these issues or experiences of Sterolithography with
>Catia would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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