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From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 15:26:11 EEST

M. Burns ( wrote:
> I am confused by the question that was posed about converting GIF
> and JPEG to wireframes, and by the answers. I must be missing something
> here. I thought GIF and JPEG were 2-D formats, while a wireframe is
> necessarily 3-D, so that a conversion would not make much sense. Can
> somebody please straighten me out on this?

"Heightfield" is a key term here. The idea is that you can assign different
depths to light and drak areas in a raster image. There are applications of
this that are very sophisticated. 4 in stance, Stereoplotting, where aerial
stereo-photographs are used as the database to make contour maps.

This is different than "Digitized" data for reverse engineering. It is
gathered by a co-ordinate measurement device. This yields "hard" data as
opposed to "soft" data that would need to be interperted in some way.

This is very related to robotic vision stuff...

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