2D pixel graphic to 3D wire frame?

From: Peter Seidel (seidel@vt.edu)
Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 00:08:48 EEST


I am wondering about the replies to the initial question about such a
As far as I remember Corel and alike do basically vectorise pixel from black
& white
pictures to a kind of itermiate format to finally dxf or iges.
In case you have grey scale pictures like CT-medical images what you can get
are 2D points (reducing data by specifying a grey value or a range of grey).
If you are looking
at 3D point you can assign each grey level a certain value for the third
My RP-team project was about extracting the contours of the nasal cavities
out of a CT- image and I would have liked to have a program doing that. We
ended up generating
2D point clouds and importing them into IDEAS (program file).
If there is a program able to do it, it would be nice if you could give me
the name of the software packages.

Peter Seidel

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