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From: Peter H. Gien (
Date: Sat May 04 1996 - 04:09:50 EEST

Not so fast Karl!

Karl Denton Wrote:
> After the =
file has been loaded export the file as a dxf file and then load it into =
anything that will read dxf (I have Trispectives Pro) then run another =
export as iges. Good luck, you mission is a simple one!<

What you will end up with is a 2D DXF wireframe. Having tried to get 2D DXF into
Trispectives, I can say that the Pro version we have will not do it. In fact,
all it will do is pull in polyface meshes for display. Did I miss something
here? You can scale, you can rotate, you can move, but that's it with
Trispectives and DXF files.

Peter H. Gien
POGO International, Inc.

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