RP using NC milling

From: Delft Spline Systems (info@spline.nl)
Date: Sat May 04 1996 - 14:42:27 EEST

Dear list-reader,

As this mailing lists etiquette states that product
announcements are welcome, we take the liberty to
forward the (commercial) press release information added below.

It is about our new software package called DeskProto, especially
meant for Rapid Prototyping using NC milling. The software
can read STL files and very easily (without NC skills required)
calculate milling paths. Combined with a lowcost milling machine
(available for less than USD 10,000) it offers an affordable RP system.

>From our Web-site (http://www.spline.nl) you can download a demo-
version of DeskProto, which can be used as a free STL viewer !

Best regards

Lex Lennings (Delft Spline Systems)


   Press release.
   DeskProto, offering in house Rapid Prototyping.
   May 1st, 1996.
   The ability to quickly produce prototypes is an important tool for
product designers. As
   the need to shorten the time-to-market is felt more and more urgent,
Rapid Prototyping
   has become an indispensable tool in many design departments.
   As the equipment needed is very expensive, in most cases Rapid
Prototyping is put out to a
   subcontractor, resulting in a delay period of a few days. In fact
prototyping can only be
   really rapid if it is done in house, by a machine standing next to the
   Desktop Prototyping. The prototype then can be ready withing the hour,
making it
   possible for the designer to continue without loosing his train of
thought (interactive
   prototyping: the prototype being an interactive designers tool).
   DeskProto makes this ideal situation reality, by offering Rapid
Prototyping using an
   (affordable) desktop CNC milling machine. DeskProto is a revolutionary
new CAM-
   package, specially created for designers without any CNC experience.
   Mr A.F. Lennings of Delft Spline Systems (the Netherlands) states:
   "To use a traditional CAM-package a thoroughly trained CAM-specialist is
   needed, who can correctly set a number of parameters for every surface to be
   machined, who checks the resulting toolpaths and if needed corrects them.
   DeskProto will do all these things fully automatically and acts thus as a
   box': in all cases a valid toolpath will result."
   Starting point for DeskProto is an STL file. This is the standard
filetype for Rapid
   Prototyping, almost any 3D CAD-system can export STL files. DeskProto
reads the file and
   draws the geometry. Of course some milling parameters are still present
and can be set in
   case needed, for instance the tool to be used and the accuracy (tests
have proved that users
   without CNC training can work with these parameters). Next the toolpaths
are calculated
   and saved to file (the file-format can be user-defined: in technical
lingo a configurable
   A demonstration diskette is available from Delft Spline Systems in the
Netherlands (an
   almost completely functional version). The demo-version can also be
downloaded from the
   Internet Web-site (URL adress http://www.spline.nl), showing some
   example projects.
   DeskProto is an MS Windows application
   The package is offered for (excl VAT) : DGl 2.900,-
   The above price in Dutch Guilders, equivalencing ca USD 1,700.00
   For more information: Delft Spline Systems
                    PO Box 2071
                    3500 GB Utrecht
                    The Netherlands
                    Tel +31 30 296 5957.
                    Fax +31 30 296 2292
                    Email info@spline.nl

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