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From: Lori Hastie-SME(hastlor@SME.ORG) (Hastie-SME(hastlor@SME.ORG))
Date: Mon May 06 1996 - 12:11:43 EEST

In its continuing effort to educate manufacturing on Rapid Prototyping, the
Rapid Prototyping Association of SME (SME/RPA) is pleased to announce a New
Rapid Tooling seminar . . . .

Rapid Tooling from Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Clinic & Tabletop
June 13-14, 1996
Bloomington (Minneapolis), Minnesota

The first time to the Twin Cities area, this clinic features a tutorial,
tabletop exhibits and a plant tour.

Chaired by Marge Hartfel of 3M Company, the following topics will be

1. Applying Rapid Tooling, Reviewing Real Applications:
        Brian Hansel, Prototype Solutions
2. Spray Metal: Alternative Prototype Tooling
        Brian Lindblom, Badger Pattern
3. Rapid Tooling-Aluminum
        Brad Fox, Entec Services
4. Applications of RapidTool
        Dave Flynn, Prototype Express
5. Investment Casting Injection Mold Dies
        Pat Jacquish, JP Pattern
6. Rapid Tooling Using CNC Methods
        Michael Rossa, PTA Corporation
7. Using RP Technology to Create Fundamental Engineering Prototypes
        Bob Flint, Prototech Engineering
8. Tooling Applications
        Todd Ray, Compression Engineering

*Tutorial: Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing June 13th
*Tabletop Exhibits: June 13th
*Tour: Anderson Corporation, June 14th

For more information/questions:

1. Email hastlor@sme.org
2. To have a brochure faxed to you, call SME Customer Service at
       1-800-733-4763 or (313) 271-1500, ext 629

Thank you
Lori Hastie Phone (313) 271-1500, ext. 599
Team Leader
Society of Manufacturing Engineers FAX (313) 240-8254
One SME Drive email: hastlor@sme.org
Dearborn, MI 48121 http://www.sme.org

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