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Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 10:15:33 EEST

> I will be pleased to receive any information on KIRA processes. All I
> know about it so far is that it may have it origin in Japan and may use
> a knife instead of the usual laser. Please I will appreciate any level
> ofinformation. Thank you.
> Spencer Onuh
> Rapid Prototyping Centre
> The university of Liverpool
> P.O. Box 147.
> Liverpool.
> email

In front of me I have a small Kira brochure in Dutch from the
Dutch Kira distributor (fax +31 347 329337).

A few features:
KIRA Corp is indeed Japanese
The machine is called KIRA KSC-50
It is based on the LOM principle, however
- it uses a knife (cutting plotter)
- it uses plain paper: the machine will distribute glue where
  needed and then apply a hot press to harden
Max model dim 400 x 280 x 300 mm
Layer thickness 0.1 mm
Accuracy 0.2 mm

(all features from brochure only)

The machine looks like a large photocopier


Lex Lennings

Delft Spline Systems
The Netherlands

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