SolidWorks for RP

From: Hong Ding (
Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 13:59:18 EEST

Hi Steven,

I noticed that you might have tried SolidWorks95
for a while for your RP applications according to
your message on 16 Dec. 1995. I would like to hear
from you about the surface modeling and STL files
of SolidWorks95 for the purpose of RP. I understand
that Parasolid has a good capability for
free-form surface modeling, has SolidWorks95 taken
a full advantage of that ?

If you have experience with Pro/E, I would
appreciate it if you could also give me a short
comparison between SolidWorks95 and Pro/E in terms
of surface modeling capability and
accuracy/time/size tradeoff in STL files.

Can anyone else provide helpful information ?

Thanks a lot.


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