Quick Turn Zinc Diecast Parts

From: Robert Zubrickie (rfzubric@amp.com)
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 15:06:17 EEST

I am trying to identify a
process to deliver development prototype zinc diecast parts in less
than 2 weeks. All of our development efforts on electronic assembly
housings are done using ProE to take advantage of the integrateability
of the model across all design phases. Ideally, the prototype process
should be capable of utilizing the ProE model and/or resulting SLA
models which we can generate.
Quantities would range from 10-100. The lower number being most likely
during early development and the other extreme used for pre-production
testing typically later in the development process. Accurate control of
the dimensions is desireable since we often would have 2 or more mating
pieces which constitute the housing assembly.

On a related topic, I'd be interested if you know anyone who has ever
used an SLA model to generate a plaster zinc casting mold. This may be
a process we could use to make one or two quick
concept parts from a ProE model.
        I would appreciate any input.

  Thank You

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