FW: Quick Turn Zinc Diecast Parts

From: Connelly, Rob - BDRC (connelly@bdrc.bd.com)
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 17:14:08 EEST

>I am trying to identify a
>process to deliver development prototype zinc diecast parts in less
>than 2 weeks.

If you really need the prototype process to be die casting, then no, I am
not aware of any quick turn houses for those tools. But if you just need
zinc parts...

>On a related topic, I'd be interested if you know anyone who has ever
>used an SLA model to generate a plaster zinc casting mold. This may be
>a process we could use to make one or two quick
>concept parts from a ProE model.

then yes, I'm sure you will hear from several people about Rubber Plaster
Molding (RPM). A shop that does a particularly excellent job of this is
Metalcast Engineering. Many moons ago they did some work for me on some
small parts which required tight tolerances. They are very fast, and their
turnaround time is also consistent from job to job - which I value highly.

You can reach them at (if my records are not out of date)

Metalcast Engineering
Randy Erickson
4800 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94601
PH: 510-534-2320
FX: 510-536-3322

Randy is also an active participant in the RP/RT industry, and he monitors
this list.

Good luck, and if you find out where complex die casting tools can be
conventionally machined in 2 weeks, please do let me know!

 - Rob
Rob Connelly
Becton Dickinson Research Center
21 Davis Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
(919) 990-2263
(919) 990-2211 FAX

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