Re: Quick Turn Zinc Diecast Parts

From: Don Wilde (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 18:27:28 EEST

Hello, Robert -

> I am trying to identify a
> process to deliver development prototype zinc diecast parts in less
> than 2 weeks. All of our development efforts on electronic assembly
> housings are done using ProE to take advantage of the integrateability
> of the model across all design phases. Ideally, the prototype process
> should be capable of utilizing the ProE model and/or resulting SLA
> models which we can generate.

Please visit our site at We will take your STL and most
IGES files and be easily able to turn parts in that timespan. We can make
either shells or positives for plaster takeoffs, and zinc is certainly
doable. For your short-run production we are definitely your best source.

If you'll give me an address and phone, we'll have our sales team assist
you in the best and fastest prototype parts you ever saw. We have
successfully shipped *finished* *machined* castings in less than 10 days.

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