Re: Using Ct for Reverse Engineering

From: Lightman, Allan J. (
Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 02:52:00 EEST

Erkut Negis wrote:
Dear RP world,

Is it practical to use medical CT scanners in reverse engineering
These devices may not be enough powerful for scanning metal parts, however
can they be used for scanning, clay, wood or plastic parts?
What would be the scanning accuracy and resolution?


Erkut Negis

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There has been considerable progress made in this area by ARACOR. They
operate a high precision (25 micron) industrial CT scanner. They have
published their results at both the Dayton RP conference and SME's
conference in Detroit (and probably at others). You should contact either
Robert Yancey at ARACOR or Robert Dzugan at EMTEC. Both are in Dayton,
Ohio. Unfortunately, they do not list their e-mail addresses on their
business cards.

Allan Lightman

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