Re:CT Scan

From: Solid Concepts (
Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 03:38:13 EEST

Dear Erkut

We have tried to use the Royal Perth Hospital (G'Day guys!!) locally to
assist us in this
process of reverse engineering using CT Scanners.

They scanned some plastic parts for us i.e a car mirror and some sunglasses.
We used the
slices from the scan to generate a 3d surface and then a solid model in
CATIA. The surfacing of
the CT Scan is the most time consuming (down-right painful) step in the
creation of the model!!

I believe that it may be possible to surface the model automatically from a
CT Scan (I wish) but I
am not aware of the existence of software for this (software exists in the
laser scanning area!!)

Hope this is of some help!!


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