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Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 10:41:02 EEST

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> They scanned some plastic parts for us i.e a car mirror and some sunglasses.
> We used the
> slices from the scan to generate a 3d surface and then a solid model in
> CATIA. The surfacing of
> the CT Scan is the most time consuming (down-right painful) step in the
> creation of the model!!
> I believe that it may be possible to surface the model automatically from a
> CT Scan (I wish) but I
> am not aware of the existence of software for this (software exists in the
> laser scanning area!!)
> Hope this is of some help!!
> Daniel


you might want to look into my home page for some examples of what
can be done using medical scanners.

Click your way (via "since living in") to the bone modelling page:).
Sorry, the page organisation at my provider's site does not allow
direct access to that page. (And they reset the visitor counter to 0
all few days :) )

Making an anatomical model is not
much different from reengineering a car mirror.

You have to understand the physics of medical scanners to achieve the
best results. I have seen a whole motor block (aluminium) scanned and
reengineered :)

The limit is material that is too dense for the x ray energies used
in medical scanners - a problem in medicine too when scanning hip
implants. Steel is outside the usable range already.

Modern helical scanners have a pretty high resolution, but you have
to be aware of the errors induced to control the quality.

Yes, there are some software packages to reconstruct 3D objects from
CT. The people in the hospital should have known.

Contact me directly if you need more information.

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