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From: Marcus Joppe (
Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 20:34:30 EEST

You may contact Scientific Measurement Systems (SMS) for more
information. They sell industrial CT-Scanners (SmartScan) in different
variants (size, resolution etc.) for Reverse Engineering Applications.

Scientific Measurement Systems, Inc.
2210 Denton Drive
Austin, TX 78758

Tel.: (512) 837-4712
Fax.: (512) 837-9082

For an introduction to the problem of volume reconstruction from planar
slices, you may have a look to the 3D Reconstruction Page:

We at BIBA have developed a software tool (CLI2STL), which automatically
reconstruct a triangulated volume boundary from a set of planar slices.
The underlying general algorithm should handle mostly all geometric
situations that can occure between a pair of slices.
The input data have to be CLI. The output data is STL.

Other general solutions I know are from Jean-Daniel Boissonat (INRIA,
France) and Gill Barequet (Tel-Aviv University, Israel).

Ciao ...

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