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Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 15:49:11 EEST

Dear Daniel,

At 08:38 AM 5/14/96 +0800, you wrote:
>We have tried to use the Royal Perth Hospital (G'Day guys!!) locally to
>assist us in this process of reverse engineering using CT Scanners.
   What was the minimum layer thickness and accuracy achieved?

>I believe that it may be possible to surface the model automatically from a
>CT Scan (I wish) but I am not aware of the existence of software for this
>(software exists in the laser scanning area!!)
   Materialize has various powerful CT-Scan data post processing software
which are compatible with most of the commercially available medical
CT-scanners. As I read from their brochure, their software called MedCAD is
used for interfacing to CAD systems via IGES interface. But I don't have
detailed information on that.

>Hope this is of some help!!
   Yes, thank you.

Erkut Negis

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