This Month in the Rapid Prototying Report

Date: Tue May 14 1996 - 21:24:31 EEST

This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report --
May 1996

**Northrop Grumman uses stereolithography models for wind-tunnel testing of a
new distributed-lift wing. We interview the engineers who ran the project and
describe the challenges they faced.

**This year’s SME Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing ’96 drew 610 conference
participants and 1,100 visitors to the exhibition. We highlight key
presentations and new product announcements including:

     -Large foam-molding tooling created from laminated laser-cut sheets of

     -Initial application reports on DTM’s RapidTool process for fabricating
metal injection molds

     -New rapid prototyping machines from Singapore-based Kinergy (Is
imitation the sincerest form of flattery?)

     -A new technique for fabricating metal injection molds using MIT's
three-dimensional printing (3DP)

     -Comparisons of the new "office modeler" rapid prototyping systems

     -Product announcements from rapid prototyping vendors, Helisys, DTM,
Cubital, and Sanders Prototype

     -Parts out of stainless steel! Sandia’s laser-engineered net shaping

     -A new high-speed epoxy resin from DuPont

**Consultant Terry Wohlers says the rapid prototyping industry grew 49
percent last year. We highlight some of Wohlers's other market estimates and
tell where you can get his "State of the Industry" report.


     -CAD/CAM Publishing debuts its new Website

**Research Update

     -Metal LOM system developed under a U.S. Navy grant

**Legal News

     -The latest details about the DTM vs. EOS lawsuit

**Business News

     -3D Systems's reports flat first-quarter profits while sales soar

     -Helisys reports second-quarter financial results

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