Polygonal Mesh Data From Points

From: Terry T. Wohlers (73417.1465@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 03:43:16 EEST

Ciao Marcus wrote:

> Other general solutions I know are from Jean-Daniel Boissonat (INRIA,
France) and Gill Barequet (Tel-Aviv University, Israel).
Also check out the software developed in Fort Collins by a Colorado State
University math professor. This triangulation software produces polygonal mesh
data from cross sections of points. For example, we produced an STL file from
the point data (created from the CGI reverse engineering system) and then built
an SLA part. Turned out very nice.

Rick Miranda of CSU is the developer of the software, along with BioGraphics of
Fort Collins. They are using the triangulation software to build realistic
computer models from cadaver cross sections. I don't have contact information
with me for either one of them (I'm not in my office), but David Alciatore, also
of CSU, has worked on this project and you can reach him at
dga@mardigras.lance.colostate.edu. Dave is the developer of the Sculpt
computer-aided sculpting software that enables you to reshape polygonal mesh

Terry Wohlers

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