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Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 07:36:53 EEST

Hello there

Some time has passed since my last mail and now it has come time to
remind you all for some basic features. The attached section is copied
from our 'wellcome message'.

Have a nice spring and I hope to see you all in Helsinki (June 4th...).


Hannu Kaikonen <>

*Share and Enjoy!*

. "Modus operandi": how does it work
    This mailing list is managed automagically by "Majordomo". This means
    that several services are provided without human---read "my"---intervention.
    This includes subscribing/unsubscribing, obtaining old messages,
    getting a copy of the mailing list, etc.

    For a complete list of services, send a message to ""
    containing the line "help". A copy has been appended at the end of this

    Here are some usefull features:

    - How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to this mailing list?
    It is very simple. Just send a message to The
    message should contain the line "subscribe rp-ml" or "unsubscribe rp-ml",
    optionally followed by your e-mail address, eg.
    "unsubscribe rp-ml me@here".

   - How do I send messages to this mailing list?
    Again, it is very simple. Just send a message to
    Every individual in the mailing list will receive a copy of the

    ************ There is no moderator. Your message WILL be
    ************ forwarded. Please read your messages twice
    ************ before submitting it.

  - Who is maintaining this mailing list?
    The "owner" of the list is Hannu Kaikonen <>
    The person behind all the technical details and the majordomo
    installation is Seppo J Niemi <>.

  - HOW do I get the messages already posted?
    HOW do I get the list of persons in this mailing list?
    HOW ...?
    For a complete list of services, send a message to
    containing the line "help".

  - As an additional service (i.e. it has nothing to do with the
    majordomo software) the articles posted can also be accessed via World
    Wide Web. Just say to your favourite Web
    browser. The digests are available by anonymous ftp at The ftp-server supports on-the-fly
    compression, so those of you behind sloow links can append a .gz-suffix to the file name in a GET -operation. The compression is done
    with gzip (the GNU compression utility).

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