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Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 19:35:26 EEST

On May 15, 10:32am, Terry T. Wohlers wrote:
> Subject: 3D Sensor for Reverse Engineering
> Hong Ding wrote:
> > We are currently looking for a 3D Sensor (e.g.,
> > laser scanner) package for our reverse engineering
> > applications. The requirements include:
> > 1) being able to digitize 300x300x300 (mmxmmxmm);
> > 2) producing STL and IGES files with good quality;
> > 3) reasonable scanning speed;
> > 4) price around US$40-50k.
> Hong - Take a look at Cyberware's product line. They are argubly the most
> developed in the industry. You can reach Steve Addleman, vice president, at
>, or David Addleman, president, at
> Except for price, at least one of their products fit your criteria. Keep
> eyes and ears open for a new digitizing system from them in the summer
> timeframe.
> Also consider laser digitizing products from Digibotics (Austin, TX) and
> Design (Minneapolis, MN). I don't have e-mail addresses for them with me.
> Systems from these companies produce data one point at a time, while
> captures several thousand points simultaneously by illuminating a line of
> on the object. All three use a data acquisition technique called laser
> triangulation.
> Hope this information is helpful.
> Terry Wohlers
>-- End of excerpt from Terry T. Wohlers

Digibotics is on the Web at:

Laser Design is represented on the Web at:

Doug Mitchell

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