Re: 3D Sensor for Reverse Eng: Cyclone may not be suitable

From: VandenBerg, Bert (
Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 20:02:00 EEST

We looked into the Renishaw Cyclone digitizer. It has
 - limited data output formats (intended for NC toolpath, not reverse
 - a limited control interface (you cannot download a motion program)
 - limited ability to define datums (reference systems)
 - reasonable accuracy (about the same as the Hymarc scanner)
 - fast speed (for a mechanical digitizer)
 - reasonable price (~50K US)
 - fast delivery

I'd be surprised if you get a complete system for $50K.

(of course these opinions are mine...)

bert van den Berg
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
National Research Council of Canada
Ottawa Canada


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