3D sensor for RE

From: Kwok Kai Thong, Mariner (kaithong@tp.ac.sg)
Date: Thu May 16 1996 - 23:33:00 EEST


     The Digibotics scanner is also within your requirement.
We have a scanner in house. Its a 4 axis laser scanner.
Accuracy : about plus/minus 0.010". modeling range : dia 18" X 18"
File translation output : DXF,IGES,VDA,OBJ,STL,etc....
     It comes with a editor for you to manipulate with the scan data.
     I hear Imageware Surfacer is able to take in its raw data for editing (

we are elvaluating at the moment). we have been using it for our reverse
engineering work. Depend on what you meant by quality, it can't pick up
very fine details due to the laser size, some of the things we have
scanned things are goldfish ( unable to pick up the the fine lines on the
fins of the fish ) , dinasour leg ( toy industrial) , human bones ( back
bone) for analysis purposes ,etc..... And the datas were outputed to STL

and fabricated on our RP machine.
     You can check the address below for more information.
Digibotics Inc
2800 Longhorn Blvd
Suite 102
Autin Texas 78758
tel: 512-832-6544
fax: 512-832-1163

Temasek Polytechnic
School of Engineering
Mechatronic Dept.

From: rp-adm
To: rp-ml
Subject: Re: 3D Sensor for Reverse Eng
Date: Wednesday, May 15, 1996 11:00AM

>>We are currently looking for a 3D Sensor (e.g.,
>>laser scanner) package for our reverse engineering
>>applications. The requirements include:
>>2) producing STL and IGES files with good quality;
>>4) price around US$40-50k.

>... they have a CYBERWARE laser scanner. ...

Depends upon what you mean by "good quality".
For instance, the CYBERWARE scanner * is a solution dedicated to the
entertainment industry, delivering a RGB image if the scanned object
simultaneously to its range data.
Many engineering applications require higher accuracy than their system
can deliver (no more than approx. 1 mm accuracy).
You find a number of competitors on
I would ask first (according to your price range):
Digibotics, Pixsys (kind of 3D-Mouse), Renishaw (ask for Cyclone),
Intecu, Steinbichler.

With kind regards, Juergen Bauer

 * http://www.cyberware.com/Cyberware-Welcome.html
or info@cyberware.com

Dipl. Ing. Juergen Bauer, Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and
Applied Work Science (BIBA), P.O. Box 33 05 60, 28 335 Bremen,
Phone: +49/421/218-5595, Fax: +49/421/218-5510, Email:

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