From: Terry T. Wohlers (
Date: Thu May 16 1996 - 16:41:19 EEST

Jeff Thayer wrote:

> I am specifically looking for information about the dates RP firms began
offering products for sale

All of these dates are found at in a
document titled ... hmm, I don't recall. It's hard to find these things when
you're winging your way home on a DC-10. It will be obvious when you get there
and browse the list. The document I'm referring to includes companies and
systems from the US, Europe, Israel, and Japan with dates for each.

> Also of value for the study is data on the number of units sold (by year if
available) of the different firms and their respective market share in those

I can help you with that. I will send you a personal note.

> What can I offer in return? I will be happy to share with you the results of
the study.

I'm sure those reading these messages would find of interest a summary of your

> Also, I developed the Multi_jet_modeling technology that 3D is using in
their Actua 2100.

Really? Congratulations! It looks like the technology will be a hit. When did
you do the work, did you set out with a specific goal in mind, ... please tell
us more.

Terry Wohlers

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