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Date: Thu May 16 1996 - 16:41:16 EEST

Pierre Bertrand wrote:

> Any info on this company? I posted a note in rp-ml a few days ago but got few

> responses. Comments would be greatly appreciated.

The system from Light Sculpting (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) works somewhat like
Cubital's Solider system. Using a masking process, a flood of UV light hardens
layers of photopolymer. The primary limitation of the system has been the
masking sub-system. In the past, a person has had to create individual plastic
sheets for the masks and then position each one manually over the resin vat. As
you might guess, this is slow and not a lot of fun. Dr. Efrim Fudim, inventor
of the process, claims to have automated it.

Each new layer attaches to the bottom of a glass plate. This part of the
process is similar to the stereolithoraphy processes from Mitsui and Denken
(both from Japan), although the light enters from the bottom. After the
production of each new layer, the system must detach the layer from the glass.
The technique that Fudim uses to do this is a secret, but he has hinted at using
a teflon-like coating to ease the removel of the hardened material.

Light Sculpting was the first company in the world to offer an RP process as a
service, according to Fudim.

I hope this information is helpful. As I vaguely recall, old articles and
papers at more fully describe the process
and company.

Terry Wohlers

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