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From: Ben Dunn (
Date: Thu May 16 1996 - 21:57:42 EEST

On May 16, 11:07am, Erkut Negis wrote:
> At 03:13 AM 5/15/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >Question: Does anyone know of anyone working on
> >a 3D color printing process? I haven't been
> >able to find anything on the net.
> >
> >Deanan

One more addition to Erkut's helpful list of systems that output multi-
colored parts is the Stratasys FDM 1650 system. Stratasys currently offers
their ABS modelling material in red, green, blue, yellow, black, and white.
Furthermore, the process used to color the filament allows virtually any
color to be added in the future.

Multi colored models that do not require supports can be made by placing a
different colored ABS filament in each of the two liquifiers. With multi
colored models that DO require supports, there is the possibility of using
colored support material for BOTH modelling and support material. The colored
support material is not currently commercially available, but it has been
tested and proven and will be made commercial if there is customer interest.

Examples of these color outputs can be found at the Stratasys booths at most
of the RP trade shows.

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