3D Segmentation for Medical RP???

From: Justin R Kidder (jkidder@spock.ecs.umass.edu)
Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 00:32:19 EEST

   I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether they know of anyone
using volumetric segmentation methods when creating medical RP models
from CT or MRI scan data. Slice-by-slice seems to be the popular way
to go, since RP data needs to be sliced at some point anyway, but
reconstructing the contour data to get a solid model can be a pain in
the neck. I understand that Materialise uses a volume growing
algorithm...does anyone know any other research/companies that use
a volumetric algorithm? We are considering doing just such a thing
using a deformable model. Thanks....


Automation and Robotics Laboratory
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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