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Materialise has produced models in two colors red or blue. As the models absorb UV light after completion they will turn all one color unless a protective coating has been applied.

Karl Denton

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Dear Deanan,

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>Question: Does anyone know of anyone working on
>a 3D color printing process? I haven't been
>able to find anything on the net.
>Digital Illusion

With a special resin from Zeneca Specialties (UK) and a special software
from Materialise (Belgium and lately MI) you can produce colored objects
using well known stereolithography apparatus from 3D Systems, Inc. During
the RP&M Exposition, I saw very successful medical imaging applications of
this technology. However you have only one color option, purple. The resin
changes its color if absorbed laser energy is higher than a specific level...

Cubital's SGC process can also produce similar results by trapping colored
support wax behind the surface of the model. However due to the fact that
Cubital's resin is not as clear as Zeneca's, it may be difficult to
visualize complex features clearly.

Norman Kinzie from Laminar Systems, Inc. (MA) is currently working to
commercialize his patented (5,015,312 May 1991) technology: Paper sheets
stacked (after selective glue application), colored (using a color ink-jet
printer) and peripheries cut by a knife...

Erkut Negis

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