Re: FDM sites in UK and Germany

From: Ron Jamieson (
Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 16:46:56 EEST

Masood Sayed_Masood wrote:

> I am interested to know if there are any FDM RP systems in UK and
> Germany. Are there any research in RP going on using FDM and who are
> the main persons to contact in those places ? I would appreciate any
> information with fax and e-mail numbers. Thanks

There are indeed FDM machines in the UK. I have just visited the new
addition at Teeside University. They are taking part in a Rapid
Tooling Seminar Im running. You can either contact them through me:
They dont have email working yet, or direct to:
Mark Beckwith fax UK (44) 1642-342376



Bruce Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle NE1 7RU

phone 0191-2225847
fax 0191-2225833

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