FDM sites in UK and Germany

From: C.Jelley@cranfield.ac.uk
Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 17:25:21 EEST

Masood Sayed_Masood wrote:

> I am interested to know if there are any FDM RP systems in UK and
> Germany. Are there any research in RP going on using FDM and who are
> the main persons to contact in those places ? I would appreciate any
> information with fax and e-mail numbers. Thanks

Sources tell me that there have been 12 FDM machines sold in the UK, some
however are owned by organizations who would prefer their identity to be kept a
secret (why? I've no idea??) but of those 12 I know of 2 definites (I think..)
apart from the one mentioned in Ron Jamieson's last message these are:

        Automotive Design Centre in Belfast, Ireland : Tel:01232 335424

        RP Solutions, Lemmington-Spa, England, UK : Tel 01203 411236

I also have a vague suspicion that the following organizations also have
machines, but I'm not 100% sure:

        Wedgewood Ltd
        Evesham College
        Coventry University

As I have said, these may or may not exist, if anyone else can put some meat on
these bones, please don't hesitate!!

Chris Jelley
Cranfield University

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