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Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 03:43:53 EEST

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We have been doing more remelts also lately. We have put in a UPS system
put I do not think that that is a driving issue. We do remelts when we
notice the power starting to drop a couple mW. The power has been between
26 and 30 since new. We have not see substantial variation just a gradual
degrading which is brought back up with 1 or 2 remelts. So far we have
remelted approximately 10 times in the 2000 hours. Power currently is 29
mW. The time is not bad since it is not a computer controlled function, I
remelt while bringing the build files over the network. As for the smell,
Lynda hates it but my nose has been broken too many times. I will continue
to remelt often as it seem to help keep power up and steady. When I see
power drop to 27 mW I remelt before next build. Double remelts seem to
help also although I do not have data to back it up.

Lee Humphrey
Lockheed Martin - Orlando

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Subject: SLA 250 laser
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Date: 5/16/96 7:43 PM

To SLA 250 user's,

     We have a new SLA-250 with a Omnichrome 3074-20M laser. The problems
start when we reach 250 hours on the laser. It droped from 30 to 21 MWs.
After a remelt it was back up to 30 MWs. At about 500 hours, same problem,
solution and result. 3D Systems was made aware of the 2 remelts. Finally
at 750 hours when this started again, 3D Field Engineer did a PM. At 1100
hours I am back to 21 MWs. Also, the power varies 4 MWs during a build
cycle. I don't remember doing 3 remelts in the life time of my last laser,
which died at 7500 hours! Is any one else having any similiar problems with
their Omnichrome laser? I am told that the remelts does not effect the life
of the laser, but the lost of time doing remelts and slow build times are
starting to become bothersome. Then there is that horrorable smell that is
driving me crazy, which is really a short putt!

Jim Harrison
Coulter Corporation

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