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From: Steve W. Hickman (
Date: Sun May 19 1996 - 16:15:33 EEST

Dr. Gibson,

I just saw your message on the list and was wondering if you could give me your
opinion on TriSpectives. I am looking for an economical 3D package that is easy
to use and it seems that TriSpectives is it. How does it do with STL files?
Have you had any RP done from it? How easy is it to take a 3D design and
transfer it to a 2D technical drawing? Can Pro/E files come into the package
and keep all of the files information? I design medical plastic parts for
injection molding at my company and would need at least a package that can do
those things I listed. I would just hate to spend several thousand dollars on a
package when I could get something that cost just a couple of hundred.

Thanks for your time.

PS> I would really push them for that rebate!!!!!!

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