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From: Tim J. Caffrey (tjc8347@proplab2.ca.boeing.com)
Date: Mon May 20 1996 - 20:48:10 EEST

Dear RP Report/rp-ml,

The July '95 RP Report's feature article on Bell Helicopter's Quick-
cast parts, which included FAA certification for flightworthiness,
is of interest to me. I have been approached by two different
potential customers who want FAA certified metal cast parts via

Please, if you would, forward to me contact information so that
I can get a hold of Bell's W. Loyd Lynch, who was quoted in the
article extensively. Also, any other Bell employees' names that
figured in the preparation of the article.

Thank you.

Tim Caffrey
Rapid Prototyping Center
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG)
Phone 206-655-4366
Fax 206-655-0934
email tjc8347@proplab2.ca.boeing.com

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