Benchmarking, Standards

Date: Tue May 21 1996 - 02:00:04 EEST

         Because of the frequent discussions on benchmarking I wanted to
         provide information regarding the current American Society for
         Testing and Materials (ASTM) rapid prototyping effort. ASTM is a
         voluntary organization dedicated to the creation of standards, test
         methods, and other neat stuff. Currently ASTM has a sub-committee
         dedicated to rapid prototyping. The first standard (expected to be
         published this fall) concerns tensile testing. Current effort is
         structured towards dimensional tollerances.
            The development of standards and benchmarks which accurately
         reflect the property they are used to measure is a challenge. The
         use of "benchmarks" which are designed without substantiation
         supporting their claim to accurate reflection of measured
         properties can be a waste of effort.
            People interested in developing, reviewing and voting on the
         acceptance of rapid prototyping standards should contact Suzan
         Canning 610-832-9714 or at ASTM for further

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