Re: maintaining the edge

Date: Tue May 21 1996 - 16:22:35 EEST

Calibration or tuning RP systems for accuracy and repeatibility?
All precision equiment requires calibration at some defined periodic interval.
The manufacturer or user sets the standards usually. Even a scale needs to
verified if it to be used for acceptance measurments.

Time required to tweak a RP system and how often?
If the machine had some kind of self calibration it would still be unavailable
for usage for at least a day or two. The only way at present for a user to
verify their machine accuracy is to build a standard part and measure the
output. In the case of an SLA any time you remelt or tune the laser your
correction factors may change.
Operator skill required to produce a model?
Lets hope so. As T. Wohlers announced the 1500th rp machine being produced I am
sure the 1500th wizard necessary to make that machine perform anywhere near
claimed specifications is still just a gleam in someones eye.

Training on the job or vendor class?
It takes experience and common sense to fine tune one of these processes,
neither of which can be learned in a week.

Which area guarentees great models: the RP operator , CAD designer, and
post postprocessing?
All three. Some designs will never be producible regardless of the method. Even
CNC requires some post processing to correct for inadiquacies of the machine

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