Re[2]: SLA 250 laser remelts.

Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 00:20:11 EEST

I've never had such a thing happen, but if it did, I would suspect something is
going on other than the need for a remelt.

As I understand it, remelts are necessary to remove cadmium deposits
(condensation, actually) from the tube. It would be unlikely that there would
be enough cadmium build-up during a single build cycle to produce the type of
power loss as you describe.

But then again, that's just my opinion -- I could be wrong.

Rick Lott
Hughes Space and Communications
Los Angeles, California

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Subject: RE: SLA 250 laser remelts.
Author: (Elaine Persall) at CCGATE
Date: 5/21/96 11:13 AM

what happens to a part if you have to do a re-melt in the middle of a
build, such as of your laser power drops 10-15mws from around 20mw to a
low of 5-10mws?

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