Re: Re[2]: SLA 250 laser remelts.

Date: Wed May 22 1996 - 18:18:28 EEST

The remelt thing in the middle of a build has happened to me. Fortunatly not
very often. If it was a long build already and I didn't want to start over I
would make that decision. The effect on accuracy...You will probably notice that
as well as a power drop the beam fidelity will be affected as well. That means
the beam diameter as well as the x/y ratio. Changes to these two measurements
will most certainly affect the desired beam compensation value as well as the
"shrink" compensation value. Also when doing a remelt, the rods that align the
mirrors are heated as well, possibly causing the mirrors to shift ever so
slightly. Which is why the service techs tune the mirrors after a remelt to
optimise the power output. What does this have to do with the accuracy? It can
move the apperture(where the beam comes out)slightly, which after bouncing off
all the mirrors might hit the vat in a slightly different location. This is only
pertinent if you are trying to achieve accuracys of -+ .005 over 10 inches.
Andy at AccentOnDesign.

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