Re: SLA 250 laser

Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 00:04:11 EEST

> The frequency of remelts is not too far from the norm by my
> experience, but the 4 mW power variation is indeed strange. I had a
> similar problem a couple of times, and was advised by 3D to try
> leaving the laser on overnight with the switch on the laser power
> supply inside the cabinet set to "stand-by". But looking at my
> notes, I now see that three days later I had a new laser installed!
> I'm surprised 3D hasn't had anything to say about this. With only
> 1500 hours on the laser, they should be providing support for it (I
> believe they gurantee their lasers for 2000 hours).
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The catch 22 is that the laser is not guranteed for 2000 hours, but prorated
for 2000 hours. In other words if the laser lasts only 300 hours, you have
to pay for that 300 hours. So, here I am at a company new to this
technology and management wants to know why, after only having the SLA-250
for 2 months, Coulter has to shell out $5000 on a brand new piece of
equipment! The Omincrome laser used to be very reliable, as I have had to
explain to managment.

The 4 MW variation is strange, it may be related to the volatage stability.
I tried the "stand-by" switch on the power supply, but the variation is
still at 2.5 MW. Which bothers me, because I'm told that it should be 1 MW.

What I would like to know is if any one else having problems with the
Omnicrome laser this year besides Motorola and me.

Jim Harrison
Coulter Corporation

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