transferring binary files via E-mail

From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 17:57:54 EEST

Not everyone has ftp capability. We get a fair amount of questions on
how to transfer binary information via e-mail so I would like to pass
along these instructions to all of you. Perhaps you will find this

How does one send binary data via c-mail?
SOLUTION: (unix commands)(Do not include quotation marks.)
________________________________________________________________________Preparing the data:
1. Put all the files you wish to send into the same directory.
              (Skip to step 3 if you only have one file to send.)
2. tar -cvf "filename.tar" *.stl
        (or similar designation to include all your files)
        (combines all your files into a single file.)
3. compress "filename.tar"
        (compresses data into a file named filename.tar.Z")
4. optional: rename "filename.tar.Z" to something with 8 or less
    characters + extension for compatibility with DOS based systems.
            e.g. "project.z"
5. uuencode "project.z" "project.z" > "mailfile"
        (encodes binary data as ascii data)
6. Compose and send your email w/ "mailfile" as an attachment.
________________________________________________________________________Restoring the data:
1. The recipient will get your mail and need to save the message as
        "mailfile" on their system.
2. uudecode "mailfile" (creates "project.z")
3. rename the file "project.Z"
4. uncompress "project" (expands file to "project")
5. mv "project" to the dir. into which you wish to restore the files.
6. cd to that directory
7. tar -xvf "project" (This restores the original binary files.)

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