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Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 15:38:21 EEST

>My questions seems simple enough but everyone seems to approach it
>differently. Is there a perfect solution to:

>Calibration or tuning RP systems for accuracy and repeatibility?
>Time required to tweak a RP system and how often?
>Operator skill required to produce a model?
>Training on the job or vendor class?
>Which area guarentees great models: the RP operator , CAD designer, and
>post postprocessing?

>As the need for accuracy increases due to the requirements for tooling and
>castings.....the need for perfect machine operation rises. If a RP
>machine requires fine tuning each week.....does this hurt or help the

I think Elaine is trying to tickle the old gray matter again. Mine is still
sore from the last time!

I guess my input would have to be that the *perfect solution* to all those
items would be to get rid of them. It seems silly to even have to say such
things, but I suppose the manufacturers should hear it. But now to
backtrack a little, I hope the manufacturers don't take this kind of input
and say - Hey, let's take out all of the knobs and switches that let people
tweak (or goof up) their machines and then anyone can make models without
training! At the current state of any technology that I know of, that would
result in everyone producing precisely INaccurate parts.

No, until we get processes which can actually calibrate themselves (I can't
wait - it's gonna happen) then we need all of the parameters, knobs,
switches, training, tech tips, manuals, and procedures that we can get our
hands on (OK, except for concept modelers!)

Does this harm the industry? My guess is that it could, since there are
undoubtedly some bad parts out there which resulted from this very problem.
 Could this be why we occasionally encounter someone who says something like
*RP just won't work for what I need to do. I got a part back in '88 that
was .030" off...*?

Did I wander off onto a tangent, Elaine?

 - Rob
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