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From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 19:33:28 EEST

song wei qian wrote:
>I am searching for Spray Metal Technology suitable for the Rapid
>Prototyping molding patterns. Who could tell me if there are such
>message and who could get in touch with?
>song wei qian
>IRIS centre in Melbourne Australia

Hi song wei qian,

We have had some experience with spray metal tooling, but were not happy
because of it's "line of sight" application. Many deep recesses had thin or
no plating.
The metal layer was non uniform in thickness and porousity.

My company in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada has been
successful in electroless plating a conformal 125 micron layer of copper to the
Epoxy Resin 5170 core and cavity inserts. Our goal to produce 50
Polycarbonate parts from this mold within two weeks of receipt of the CAD
geometry was reached.

We are confident that our success with Polycarbonate gives us a much higher
temperature and pressure capability than Spray Metal Tooling.

Please feel free to contact me directly or visit our website:


Michael Wilson
Polycarbonate Parts in "ACES build" mold
Project Manager
Aurora Search /Canada
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