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Date: Sun Jun 02 1996 - 21:01:00 EEST

We are working on a software based technology that effectively adds
non-uniform shrinkages. In essence:
 - we make a part with the normal shrinkages,
 - measure the resulting shape,
 - feed this into a software program that calculates the shape that
     should be fed to the RP machine to make a better part (without

If you are interested, send me an Email and I'll send you more info.

     Bert van den Berg
     Institute for Integrated Manufacturing Technologies
     National Research Council of Canada
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Subject: RE: Cast Tooling
Date: Friday, May 31, 1996 5:49PM

Don Wilde writes----------

Yes, Erkut. That is indeed the biggest problem. We have software that=20
adds shrinkage factors automatically, but of course complex geometries=20
don't shrink equally. .................


Is the software commercially available? Could you give us more info. on =
how it works Also, do you have any data/literature on the effect of part =
geometry/mass on shrinkage? Thank you.

Kamesh =20

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