Re: Cast Tooling

From: Don Wilde (
Date: Mon Jun 03 1996 - 18:21:34 EEST

On 2 Jun 1996, Terry Wohlers wrote:
> I am most interested in *advances* and real examples of cast tooling -
> companies that regularly use it to produce molded parts. Surprisingly few are
> casting metal inserts. I received some interesting ideas and found that their
> is a lot of interest in the subject.
Indeed there is. We did some tool steel dies from our molds in a
successful project which is going to be part of the 1998 [new American
car]. The biggest problem for us was the incredible mass of the steel
RISER on top of the dies, but I would call it a success, even though we
underbid as far as paying for our learning curve.

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