RE: Hausermann's Abrading Machine Info Needed

Date: Wed Jun 05 1996 - 14:45:19 EEST

I am also interested in creating electrodes with the abrading process, and
would like to evaluate wear, accuracy, lead-time, cost, etc. for such
electrodes. Is there someone out there reading this that offers this
service or knows someone who does? Any info would be appreciated. Thank

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From: on Tue, Jun 4, 1996 8:59 PM
Subject: Hausermann's Abrading Machine Info Needed

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I am looking for some information on Hausermann's abrading machines. It
was reported that graphite EDM electrodes can be easily made using RP
parts and the Hausermann's machine. Could someone tell me at least
where this Hausermann company is located or where to find similar
abrading machines. Also, I would appreciate any comments on making EDM
electrodes using RP parts as the parent patterns.

Best regards,
Garrison Zong, Ph.D.
3i Industrial, Inc.
713-556-8541 fax

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