Hausermann's Abrading Machine Info Needed

From: Peter Gien (
Date: Wed Jun 05 1996 - 19:56:02 EEST

Hello Garrison:

I was visiting the 3M advanced tooling center in Austin about 3 years ago. They
were using the Hausermann abrading technique by taking an SLA master and
abrading it onto a graphite block. (Actualy they were sending it out to
Hausermann) This is done (I think) by fixing the master onto a device that
undergoes rapid micro-vibrations. The technique has been used for many decades
to abrade decorative patterns into glass and other brittle materials. They were
very pleased with the result and were reporting reproducability better than
1/1000 of an inch.

Best regards

Peter H Gien
POGO international, Inc.

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