Re: reverting STL files - stl to ruled?

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (
Date: Thu Jun 06 1996 - 14:15:00 EEST

> We've often successfully converted STL's to Pro/E. My 64Mb SGI Indy bogs
> after Pro/E has processed about 5000 or so triangles though. The trick is
> convert the STL triangles to IGES ruled surfaces. Once read into Pro/E
> file USUALLY solidifies without difficulty. (Sometimes the triangles don't

> quite match up and you get those yellow edges Pro/E hates. You can either
> to edit these to work, or usually simply "swallowing" them with a
> does the job.)

> Remember, this will come in as one base feature and will have no
> controllability.

This sounds useful - what tools do you use to convert the stl facets to
ruled surfaces. Any input would be appreciated as I have a job now that
this may apply to. Thanks in advance for any input.

Todd Stahlhut

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