From: Gabby Kroes (KROES@tno.prc.tno.nl)
Date: Thu Jun 06 1996 - 14:44:35 EEST

With much interest I'm following the discussion on 'non-contact'
versus 'contact' scanning.
Whithin TNO Product Centre in the Netherlands I'm conducting an
investigation on reverse engineering. The purpose is to intergrate
reverse engineering whithin our institute. So I'm looking
for the best 'hardware' and 'software'.

There are two stages in the reverse engineering:

1) comparissing the point clouds with the innitial CAD drawing (you
      need a high accurate point-cloud)

2) to purchase CAD data from an hand made or very complex model in
      hard or soft material (I think you don't need the same accuracy
      as whith the first stage)

At first we want to get the first stage, but we have to consider
the second stage when we go looking for the digitizing system as well
as the software for surface generation.

Whithin the process I gathered a lot information af all types of
digitizing systems. Therefor I want to ad another aspect in the

- non contact digitizing systems are used in a stand alone
      machine as an 3D laser scanner (Cyberware, Intecu, 3D Scanners
      etc.) or you can use them on a CMM or CNC milling machine
      (Hymarc, EOS, Kreon etc.).

- contact digitizing systems are not only used on a CMM but also
      at a stand alone system (Renishaw).

- what about the robot arms as the systems from Krypton and Faro?

When all this is put together it's very hard to find the best
solution for our problem (maybe you can't put all the features in one
system). Does somebody has experience with these kind of
problems and can help us with suggestion to get the best solution?

Gabby Kroes

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