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From: Garrison G. Zong (iiigroup@flash.net)
Date: Thu Jun 06 1996 - 19:17:59 EEST

Hi, Gabby,

There is a new reverse engineering system from CGI, which may fit your
needs well. This RE1000 system is designed to speed up the process of
reverse engineering parts with complex internal geometry. The process is
similar to Cubital's Solidar process "in reverse". You begin by encasing
the part you want to reverse engineer in a very low viscosity liquid
polymer. This forms a solid block of plastic with your part inside. Using
a combination of highly efficient milling technology and digital imaging,
the system produces the necessary, "top to bottom" cross-sectional data
for the part. The process was invented by Mr. Craig Crump, president of
CGI and is called Automatic Cross Section Scanning (ACSS). Its main
applications include:

-Reverse Engineering
-3D CAD File Creation
-STL File Creation
-First Article Inspection
-CAD Design Verification

Should you need further information please let me know. 3i Industrial is
currently the distributor for CGI's products in China, Hong Kong, and
Taiwan. We have ordered one RE1000 system to be shipped to Beijing,

Best regards,

Garrison Zong, Ph.D.
3i Industrial, Inc.
Houston, TX 77082
713-556-8541 fax

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