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Date: Sat Jun 08 1996 - 03:28:48 EEST

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>At 02:10 PM 6/6/96 +0100, Steve Chapman wrote
>>hint: AutoCAD with IGES will set you back $4500 or so, but so would a
>>stand-alone STL to IGES translator, and ACAD can do a whole lot more, right
>>now it is one of the very few programs that can edit an STL file on a single
>>triangle basis.
>Our STL to IGES translator is only $695.00
>C. Brock Rooney, Pres., Brock Rooney & Associates Inc. (Brockware)
> 268 George St. Birmingham Michigan 48009 USA
>(810) 645-0236 fax/bbs (810) 645-9020 email
Does the STL to IGES converter greatly increase file size. We have found
that to be the case when we work backwards.

By the way the Brockware IGES to STL converter works very well, especially
for AutoCad and CadKey. (Free endorsement Brock).


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego

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